June, 2015

andriod purchase mixed bag for google

Android Purchase Has Been a Mixed Bag for Google

When Google purchased Android just 10 years ago, virtually no one in the technology industry saw the reason why. The $50 million purchase was a side bet which grew in popularity as technology changed. Android is an integral part of tech. In 2005, Android’s ability to run [...]Read more

AT&T and DirecTV Deal is Now Under the Microscope

Last year, two major deals took the attention of the business world – particularly those involved in media buying, advertising and digital media. Comcast announced its $45 billion purchase of Time Warner Cable. Just three months later AT&T revealed that they would be taking [...]Read more
media buyer

What Skills Make a Successful Media Buyer?

Media buyers wear a lot of hats in order to get the job done. From understanding the media buying market to having the soft skills to negotiate with others, there’s a wide gamut of traits that media buyers need to develop in order to be successful. What Do Media Buyers Do? [...]Read more
apple china iphone market

Apple Turns Attention to China for Hot iPhone Market

Recently, Apple announced that sales in great China (including mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan), had overcome the United States home market for the very first time. Although Apple did not release specific numbers, analysts noted that sales in greater China rose 71% to $16.8 [...]Read more

What Happens Behind the Scenes of Radio Media Buying?

Radio media buying is an industry that consumers encounter every day – but few know what actually goes into the process. There’s a science and an art to matching advertisements for companies to the right audience, right time and right network (all at the right price). Radio [...]Read more

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