March, 2016

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Hidden in Plain View, the End to Targeted Ads

Web visitors have long held an uneasy truce with marketers, but since targeted ads have emerged, that peace has been threatened. Not only are some Internet viewers uncomfortable with the way that today’s ads seem to be able to eerily predict people’s needs and wants, others [...]Read more

Digital Ad Spend Continues Meteoric Rise

In a world that’s just one Netflix binge away from cutting the cord on live television forever, it comes as no surprise that digital ad spend would surpass television ad sales. Although digital advertising has been a constant presence for many years, money to fund these [...]Read more

Are Bad Ads Undermining Internet Advertising?

The web without advertising might seem like a breath of fresh air to many users, but it would also be a very empty place, since many web-based resources require ads to generate revenues. As digital ads become more common and more clever, users are increasingly annoyed out of [...]Read more

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