May, 2016


Gutsy Vice Media Launches All New Cable Channel

Vice Media, which started its foray into television with grisly documentaries produced for MTV2 almost a decade ago, is well on its way to being the first digital media company to launch its own cable television channel. Although marketers shied away from their programming on [...]Read more

Presidential Race Prompts Big Changes at CNN

CNN has long touted the tagline “fair and balanced,” but over the years many viewers have left the news network because they had the feeling it might not be so balanced anymore. In fact, for many, CNN had developed a reputation for being a little too left of center for their [...]Read more
instagram algorithim

What to Know About the Instagram Algorithm Update

In March, Instagram announced a drastic change to the way feeds are displayed. Instead of continuing to be arranged based solely on chronology, Facebook’s stepchild will begin experimenting with algorithmic display. As you might imagine, the response from marketers and users [...]Read more

Digital Privacy Protest Takes Place At Berkeley

After a data breach at the UCLA medical center during the summer of 2015, the University knew it had to take stronger measures to protect both patient and student data. Janet Napolitano, President of the University of California system and former Secretary of Homeland Security, [...]Read more

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