July, 2016

top social media video editing tools

The Top Social Media Video Editing Tools

Social media marketing is a fun, interactive way to advertise almost anything, but if you’re always throwing out the same old still frame media, it can get boring for your followers fast. Content that goes viral is content that inspires, surprises and amazes people, and it’s [...]Read more
charter communication merger

Charter Merger Nearing Completion

Charter Communication’s plan to acquire Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks is nearing FCC approval after a long and complicated hearing process. If the merger is allowed to go through, Charter will become the second-largest broadband provider in the country and the [...]Read more
sport tv programming

Sports TV Bets Failing To Pay Out

Over the past 15 years, big media companies have been making increasingly pricey bets that sports fans across the country would refuse television packages if they didn’t include coverage of their favorite teams, paying out over $150 billion for rights to telecast games, [...]Read more
power of virtual companies

Virtual Companies Wield Very Real Power

The gasps were audible when the media first accused Facebook of suppressing right-wing news in their trending feature, but few Internet denizens took the time to consider how many other vital virtual properties were taking their own stands without anyone really realizing it. Some [...]Read more

The Importance of Mobile-Friendly Sites

There hasn’t been a Google update since the first Panda rollout that has caused as much concern as the original Mobilegeddon in April 2015, but there are still plenty of web page owners who don’t understand the value of being mobile-friendly. When the Wall Street Journal [...]Read more

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