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August, 2016


How Upcoming Changes Will Impact Marketing on LinkedIn

When Microsoft announced its $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn, everyone in the business community perked an ear. Suddenly, Microsoft was relevant for a reason other than to be a target for complaints about Windows 10 or jokes about how slow Internet Explorer really moved. [...]Read more
manufacturer suggested retail price

Not All Online Deals Are What They Appear

As online shopping is becoming increasingly normal for people who aren’t in a rush to take their purchases home or who simply don’t have the time to go out and choose a gift for a friend, the perils of online shopping are more treacherous than ever. eCommerce was once the [...]Read more
facebook messenger more functionality

More Functionality for Facebook Messenger

Some users may have noticed a slight change in Facebook Messenger recently, or might have received customer service messages from some of their favorite online retailers through the app. These innovative uses of Facebook’s messaging program are just the beginning of the big [...]Read more
hulu streaming service

Hulu’s Plan to Remake Streaming Television

For the last several years, if someone wanted to find old network reruns or limited on-air programming complete with commercials, Hulu was the place to be. Available via web or through a streaming box like Roku or Amazon’s Fire TV, Hulu was an unassuming service that really [...]Read more
screentest audience

Niche Programming Bucks the Screen Testing Trend

The most gut-wrenching part of getting most television series on the air is the deeply ingrained screen test process. Companies, like widely-utilized market research firm Screen Engine / ASI, have been arranging viewings of pilots with test audiences for the television and film [...]Read more
Rio Olympics 2016

Rio 2016 Olympics Plagues & Pleasures Infographic

Rio 2016 Olympics Plagues & Pleasures Infographic – Safety, Attendance & Advertising Our Latest Infographic Covers The Ins & Outs Of The Rio de Janeiro Olympics The Rio 2016 Olympics is the “talk of the town” these days—and for good reason! As the 2016 [...]Read more

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