February, 2017


Giant Eyewear Company Merger Creates Buzz

Traditionally, eyewear manufacturers have either been focused on creating the newest fashionable frames or the next cutting-edge lenses, but recent investments by both Luxottica and Essilor International have created two companies that do a little bit of both. Instead of facing [...]Read more

PepsiCo’s Pursuit of Healthier Snacking Goals

Depending on who’s telling the story, PepsiCo is either a company looking for more snack angles or it’s a company being torn in two very different directions. Since Chief Executive Indra Nooyi took the reins in 2006, the company has been put on a mission to deliver healthier [...]Read more
Accelerated Mobile Pages

Small Publishers Wary of Google’s AMP Service

Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, may be the latest and greatest thing Google believes it has created for the digital publishing world, but not every site owner is on board with the product that was released October 2015. A year and some change later, small- to medium-sized [...]Read more

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