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Move Over Malls, Meet Walkable Neighborhoods

Tumbleweeds roll across the floors of malls nationwide, yet developers continue to construct more and more retail space. It seems counter-intuitive, but these new spaces are designed carefully, with built-in foot traffic to boot. Welcome to the new walkable face of retail [...]Read more

China Leads the Way to Cleaner Automobiles

Electric and electric hybrid cars have been making small strides in the global effort to reduce human reliance on petroleum in the last two decades. But the goal of total discontinuation of gasoline and diesel vehicles is still pretty far away for residents of the UK and France, [...]Read more

UberEats Takes a Bite Out of Food Delivery Market

Although the ride-hailing arm of Uber is struggling, Uber may have found a niche where its core competencies really shine: food delivery. Uber Eats represents the company’s second try at food delivery – but this time, UberEverything, its parent division, is armed with a whole [...]Read more

Best Buy Turns a Weakness into Its Primary Strength

In 2012, Best Buy was on its last leg. Amidst a scandal involving a CEO and an employee, stores that were hemorrhaging money and outdated systems that were only getting older by the minute while Amazon made huge strides in improving shipping speeds and inventory selection, Hubert [...]Read more

Amazon Makes All the Wrong Moves in China

Amazon’s big bet on the Chinese eCommerce market has yet to bear fruit as the company continues to try to lure Chinese shoppers away from local favorites Alibaba and Amazon believed that by offering authentic Western goods with free international shipping, Chinese [...]Read more

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